Try Our Newest Skin Care Line for Younger, Healthier Skin

Alastin Regenerating Skin Nectar with TriHex TechnologyAlastin, our newest skin care line, has proven technology to stimulate elastin and collagen production to provide a younger, healthier skin appearance.

Alastin Regenerating Skin Nectar with TriHex Technology™ is a proprietary formulation designed to support the skin before, during and after cosmetic procedures. When Skin Nectar is applied before and after a procedure, it preps the skin to improve the responsiveness to a treatment and speeds up recovery time leading to healthier-looking skin sooner.

Alastin Renewal Retinol .5 delivers the critical benefits of retinol: diminishes lines and wrinkles, improves texture and tone, calms sensitive skin and hydrates skin. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant formula make it tolerable for everyday use. This month, save 10% on Alastin Renewal Retinol .5.
Use promo code: POM10.

We also carry Alastin Gentle Cleanser. This cleanser is great for all skin types to remove impurities and make-up without drying or irritating the skin.  Its gentle formula is perfect for everyday use including post-procedure.

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Employee of the Month Selects Product of the Month

10% off 10% off Alastin Renewal Retinol .5Alastin Renewal Retinol .5

Katherine is one of our medical assistants, and she has been selected as the Employee of the Month! She has been rewarded with a skin care product of her choice, which will be our January Product of the Month: Alastin Renewal Retinol .5.

Katherine says “I’ve been using Alastin’s Renewal Retinol for a month now, and I can really see a difference in my skin’s appearance. It’s smoother, softer and clearer. I’m loving it and will continue to use it daily!”

For more information on Alastin Retinol, click here.

When you purchase Alastin Retinol, you can receive 10% off of this product through January 31, 2017. For in-office purchases, please mention this promo at checkout. For online purchases, please use the promo code “POM10“.

Preparing for laser hair removal treatment in Louisiana

Laser Hair Removal in Louisiana
Laser hair removal is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments offered at Lupo Center for Aesthetic and General Dermatology in New Orleans, Louisiana. Unlike shaving, plucking, or waxing, the hair won’t grow right back. In fact, most patients maintain silky smooth skin with no more than an annual touchup. If you would like to enjoy the benefits of being hair-free and care-free, how should you prepare?

Educate yourself

Laser hair removal is a wonderful treatment, but it is not an instant solution. Laser energy affects active follicles, but a certain percentage are inactive at any given time. A series of carefully planned sessions will be needed, with the entire process taking several months. It is important to have realistic expectations and knowledge of the procedure. If you have questions, please ask.

Choose the right provider

The safety of laser treatment depends on the quality of the technology and skill of the technician. We work with state-of-the-art-lasers, and adhere to the highest standards of safety and quality for all skin types. You can feel confident trusting the expertise and experience of Dr. Lupo.

Prepare your skin

You can take a few simple steps in the weeks leading up to your appointment that will help ensure an efficient and comfortable treatment.

Avoid sun exposure for at least six weeks, because tanning adds pigment to the skin. Preferably, wear protective clothing such as long pants if you plan to have your legs treated. If the area must be exposed, use generous amounts of high SPF sunscreen. If you currently pluck or wax the area, you will need to stop about six weeks before laser treatment begins. These methods pull out the root, which is what laser energy targets.

If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, call us at 504-777-3047.

Discovering your best skin with the help of your dermatologist in New Orleans, LA

Best Dermatologist New Orleans La

The cosmetic benefits of dermatology are well known, but many people underestimate the medical benefits. Here are the five best reasons to see your dermatologist in New Orleans (even if you don’t have wrinkles)

  • Skin cancer screening –Self-checks at home and annual screening by your dermatologist takes very little time from your busy schedule. Just a few minutes can save your life, because the success rate of melanoma treatment largely depends on how early it is diagnosed and treated.
  • Diagnostics – What is that bump? What caused that rash? The answers to questions such as these can be very important. Not only is skin the largest organ in the human body, but it is also one of our primary defenses against toxins. Skin problems are often signs of disease, allergies, or other conditions. Many medical problems are first seen with changes on the skin.
  • Controlling skin disease – Acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions can take a toll on your quality of life. Symptoms such as pain, itching, discomfort, and embarrassment can even interfere with routine activities. However, you don’t have to “just live with it.” With today’s wide range of treatment options, virtually any imaginable condition is treatable.
  • Customized skincare advice – From drugstores to specialty boutiques, you are literally faced with walls of skin treatments and products. Some contain allergens, impurities, or ingredients that can aggravate certain skin conditions. Some are inappropriate for your skin type, too harsh, or simply ineffective. Yes, there are a few gems, but finding them can be nearly impossible without the guidance of a knowledgeable professional.
  • Beyond the skin – One of the most common misconceptions about dermatologists is that they are exclusively skin doctors. The specialty also includes diagnostics and treatment of conditions affecting the hair and nails. From head to toenails, your dermatologist can help you stay healthy.

Call 504-777-3047 to schedule an appointment.

Employee of the Month Selects Product of the Month

10% off employee-of-the-month-dec-2016

Neocutis MICRO-FIRM Neck & Decollete Rejuvenating Complex

Thais is our office administrator, and she has been selected as the Employee of the Month! She has been rewarded with a skin care product of her choice, which will be our December Product of the Month: Neocutis MICRO-FIRM Neck & Decollete Rejuvenating Complex.

Thais says “I’m excited to try MICRO-FIRM because of its unique growth factor formula to reduce the signs of aging on the neck and chest with additional benefits including antioxidants, moisturizers and exfoliants.”

For more information on Neocutis MICRO-FIRM Neck & Decollete Rejuvenating Complex, click here.

When you purchase Neocutis MICRO-FIRM, you can receive 10% off of this product through December 31, 2016. For in-office purchases, please mention this promo at checkout. For online purchases, please use the promo code “POM10“.