Skin Care at Every Age

Unfortunately, those soft round cheeks don’t last forever. Protection and prevention are key at any age for healthy, beautiful skin! Most importantly, always see a board certified dermatologist for your skin care journey. Dr. Lupo and Dr. Souyoul customize skin care treatments and at-home regimens based on individual needs.

Skin care at every age:

– 0-12 years old: sun protection

– Teens: add gentle exfoliation

– 20s: add Botox and topical antioxidants for prevention, fillers for enhancement, and peels for acne and dark spots.

– 30s: add lasers for correcting red and brown spots, improving texture and stimulating collagen production plus topical peptides

– 40s: add fillers for volume loss, more aggressive corrective lasers, radio frequency skin tightening and stem-cell derived growth factors in skin care

– 50s: same 40s but more frequently

For more information, please contact us: 504-777-3047 or

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