Why Radiofrequency is Best for Fat Melting

Dr Mary Lupo says Radiofrequency is Best for Fat Melting

Here at the Lupo Center, when patients are looking to reduce their body fat, we turn to BTL Aesthetics’s radiofrequency devices Vanquish and Exilis. The Vanquish device is large enough to treat the abdomen or thighs with one pass, while the Exilis device has a smaller handpiece to treat areas like the upper arms.

Many patients ask why we chose Vanquish and Exilis’s radiofrequency method (heat to destroy fat) instead of a Cryolipolyis device (cold to freeze fat) or a Diode Laser (ultrasound to dissolves fat over time).  Below are some fat facts from BTL to show why radiofrequency is the best way to trim fat both physically and economically.


BTL Vanquish Cryolipolysis Diode Laser
Spot Size [cm2] 2100 268 140
Fat Layer Thickness Reduction [cm] 0.54 0.4 0.31
Volume of Removed Fat [cm3] 1125.6 107.1 43.4
Volume of Removed Fat [fl oz] 38.06 3.62 1.47
Treatment Package Price $3,000 $4,200 $1,400
Price per 1 Ounce of Fat Removed $78.82 $1,159.75 $953.99

To learn more about our fat melting treatments, schedule a consultation with one of our doctors.


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