What New Orleans patients should know before getting Juvéderm

One of the greatest benefits of dermal fillers such as Juvéderm is convenience. You can visit your New Orleans dermatologist for a short, comfortable treatment and go on about your day. There is no extensive pre- or post-treatment regimen, but there are several things you can do to ensure you enjoy the maximum benefits and minimum side effects.

Before treatment

  • Avoid optional blood thinning medications for about two weeks prior to surgery. Many common pain relievers, herbal dietary supplements, and some other over the counter products have blood-thinning properties, which makes you more susceptible to bruising.
  • You should not discontinue or pause any prescription medication without consulting with the physician who prescribed it. However, it is important to tell your dermatologist about any prescriptions, especially blood thinners.
  • Follow any specific pre-treatment recommendations that your dermatologist gives.


  • Watch for any unusual side effects. Your dermatologist will discuss what to expect, and explain common side effects (if any) depending on the specific product or procedure used. If you notice anything that seems abnormal, call our office.
  • Don’t attempt to manipulate the filler. Mild swelling is normal after an injection. It will resolve quickly, but in the meantime, the area may appear over-filled. Do not attempt to use pressure to flatten it or massage the area without consulting your dermatologist. This can aggravate swelling, and may displace the filler resulting in a less desirable appearance once the swelling recedes.
  • Always contact the office if increasing pain occurs.
  • Follow any specific post-treatment instructions given by your dermatologist.

Be sure to schedule touch-up visits to maintain the results of treatment. The frequency of touch-ups will vary. Juvéderm generally lasts about six months for most patients. However, the timeline will vary depending on which Juvéderm product is used, what area is treated, and other factors. We will discuss maintenance treatments during your consultation.


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