Summer Sun Damage Solutions

As you put away your swimsuits, shorts and sandals, have you noticed your summertime fun left behind new spots, uneven skin tone or fine lines? We’ve got some simple solutions to get your skin glowing again. These treatments require little to no downtime and can be done on a wide variety of skin types and conditions. Because they are mild procedures, they require a series of treatments for optimal results. From now until the end of October, if you pre-pay for a series of 4 treatments, you will receive a complimentary 5th treatment in the same series. 


Chemical peels work to bring new skin to the surface to provide a healthy glow.  A chemical peel is a way to gently resurface the skin by removing the top layers using a mild to moderate chemical solution. The new skin makes pores appear smaller and can greatly diminish the appearance of fine lines, acne and discoloration. Chemical peels are completely customizable to fit each patients’ needs and lifestyle.


Clear + Brilliant is a gentle yet effective treatment you can add to your regimen to give your skin a radiant glow. Developed by the makers of Fraxel (a more intensive fractional laser technology for skin resurfacing), Clear + Brilliant can help improve tone and texture while reducing fine lines and pore size. The latest Clear + Brilliant technology, called Permea, is a treatment option for improving pigmentation seen in melasma and other skin pigmentation disorders. Fraxel patients often find that Clear + Brilliant is a gentler option for between-treatment maintenance and longer-lasting results.


Laser Genesis is a multi-purpose solution for skin health and appearance. The facial resurfacing treatment protects the epidermis, while stimulating collagen production in the dermis to improve pores and texture. It is also shown to fade red and brown spots and is beneficial for acne, mild acne scars and discolorations.


SilkPeel is a special kind of microdermabrasion. It not only uses a diamond fraize tip to mechanically remove the top-most layers of the skin, but also incorporates a technology called dermal infusion. With this dermal infusion, special solutions are driven deep into the epidermis to stimulate skin brightening and deeper dermal repair. The result is brighter skin, smaller pores and smoother texture. The suction aspect of the SilkPeel system cleanses pores and improves acne.

Appointment times are filling up fast, so call today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Lupo or Dr. Holcomb to get your skin glowing again! Remember to mention our series special: buy 4 get 1 complimentary treatment!


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