Five reasons New Orleans loves laser hair removal

Hair. It is one of the great frustrations of life. While we worry that it will stop growing on our scalps, we spend endless hours trying to stop it in other areas. Unfortunately, do-it-yourself solutions for unwanted body hair are temporary. It will come back no matter how many times you shave it, wax it, tweeze it, or dissolve it with depilatory creams. No wonder so many people are turning to the one simple and effective long-term solution – zap it with laser hair removal.

The benefits of laser treatment for unwanted body hair include:

  1. Permanent hair reduction – Laser energy acts on follicles, inhibiting their ability to grow new hairs. Each session reduces the number of hairs in the treatment area. After a full series of laser sessions, virtually all hair growth is stopped. For most patients, an occasional touch-up is sufficient to keep the area smooth and hairless.
  2. Convenience – Forget cumbersome daily, weekly, or monthly hair removal routines. After your initial series of appointments, laser hair removal is virtually maintenance-free.
  3. No more stubble – Every temporary technique has that awkward in-between phase. You shaved this morning, but your skin no longer feels smooth. Or hair is growing back after waxing, but it’s not long enough to wax again. Since there is no re-growth after laser removal, there is no unsightly and uncomfortable stubble.
  4. Healthy skin – Laser hair removal is generally considered a purely cosmetic treatment. However, it can greatly benefit people with certain skin problems. Individuals prone to ingrown hairs or razor bumps often choose laser removal to avoid shaving. For people with extremely sensitive skin or conditions such as psoriasis or eczema, abrasion and minor skin injuries caused by pulling hairs or shaving can cause itching, inflammation, or trigger outbreaks. Laser treatment is a great way to avoid these problems.
  5. Cost effective – The upfront price of laser treatment may be higher than alternatives. However, if you add up the money spent on razors, waxing, or creams over time, you may realize that laser removal is more economical than you thought.

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