Employee of the Month Selects Product of the Month

                            10% off 

            Revision Retinol Complete

Rachael is our bookkeeper, and she has been selected as our November Employee of the Month! As the Employee of the Month, Rachael has been rewarded with a skincare product of her choice: Revision Retinol Complete. She says “I’ve used other retinols in the past and they have irritated my skin, so I’m excited to try a milder formula to help reverse any signs of aging.” We want our patients to benefit from this product as well, so during the month of November, Revision Retinol Complete will be 10% off.

Retinols continue to be dermatologists’ go-to product for a nighttime anti-aging treatment. The Retinol Complete breakthrough serum is formulated with high levels of pure, time-released Retinol and a blend of antioxidants. Its gentle formula is better tolerated than prescription forms of retinoids.

Revision Retinol Complete:

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Brightens, plumps and smoothes skin’s texture
  • Contains time-released Retinol for maximum efficacy with minimal irritation
  • Boosts skin’s hydration level to help combat the dryness associated with Retinol
  • Results of a clinical study showed 100% of subjects experienced an improvement in the appearance of fine lines
  • Great for mature and oily skin but is formulated for all skin types

This product may increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun. Sunscreen is recommended when using this product.

When you purchase Revision Retinol Complete, you will receive 10% off this product through November 30, 2015, while supplies last.


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