Employee of the Month Selects Product of the Month

Eyelash Serum

Employee of the month of July
Stephanie works with Dr. Holcomb as her medical assistant, and she has been selected as our July Employee of the Month! As the Employee of the Month, Stephanie has been rewarded with a skincare product of her choice: ALPHAEON BEAUTY Eyelash Serum. Stephanie says “I was hesitant to use Latisse because I have blue eyes and am concerned about any change of eye color, but I wanted to have fuller, more beautiful lashes. I’m excited about ALPHAEON BEAUTY’s new Eyelash Serum.  I have seen amazing results from my co-workers who have used the product and can’t wait to see better lashes on myself soon!”  We want our patients to benefit from this product as well, so during the month of July, the ALPHAEON BEAUTY Eyelash Serum will be 10% off.

ALPHAEON BEAUTY Eyelash Serum treatment at Lupo Center

Unfortunately thinning eyelashes are part of the aging process. As we age, eyelash follicles (the openings in the skin through which the lash grows) can slow or stop producing new lashes, causing the lashes to lose length and volume, growing brittle and sparse. The lightweight Eyelash Serum is fortified with peptides to help stimulate hair growth, plus biotin to encourage growth and prevent lashes from becoming dry and losing volume. Pumpkin seed extract, rich in fatty acids and essential minerals, helps to nourish, while sodium hyaluronate, a form of hyaluronic acid, helps to condition and moisturize.

In just eight weeks, patients saw an improvement in overall lash appearance, and they agreed their lashes appeared thicker, longer, more conditioned and less sparse. This hydrating serum is supplied with an applicator brush, which allows for easy application of the serum at the base of the upper eyelids once a day. This professional treatment has no side effects, such as discoloration.

ALPHAEON BEAUTY Eyelash Serum treatment at Lupo Center New Orleans

 When you purchase ALPHAEON BEAUTY Eyelash Serum in our office, you will receive 10% off this product through July 31 2015, while supplies last. 


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