Health & Wellness at the Lupo Center

22nd Blog post

While Dr. Lupo and Dr. Holcomb are specialists for the health and beauty of the skin, hair and nails, both of our doctors also have training in internal medicine.  Here at the Lupo Center, a patient’s medical health is just as important as the health and appearance of the skin.


One way that we can help with our patients’ overall heath is by offering an Omega-3 Index Report and PRN Omega Benefits dietary supplements.  Taking PRN Omega Benefits can help raise an Omega-3 Index level, which in turn helps to reduce the risk for certain diseases such as heart disease, stroke, dementia and depression.


Studies have shown that most Americans have low levels of omega-3s in their blood and would benefit from an increased intake of EPA+DHA by 2000-3000 mg per day. Although this can be accomplished by eating more oily fish, dietary supplements are usually necessary to achieve this level of EPA+DHA intake. For example, a four-capsule-per-day regimen of PRN Omega Benefits is equal to 37 cans of tuna per week, and PRN Omega Benefits doesn’t contain the impurities of many fish.


The only way to know how the body will respond to an increased intake of EPA+DHA is to measure the Omega-3 Index level before and three to four months after taking PRN Omega Benefits. Once a desirable Omega-3 Index level is reached, patients should re-check their values every six months.


Over 1 million people have used the Omega-3 Index Report, which is simple, safe and only requires one drop of blood. To learn more about the Omega-3 Index Report and PRN Omega Benefits dietary supplements, contact our office today.


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