Prevent Aging Skin with Dr. Lupo’s Exclusive Prejuve Energy Facials


An Exclusive Lupo Center PRE-ReJUVEnation Treatment

For more than 30 years, Dr. Lupo has pioneered the concept of combination therapies to help her patients achieve a natural, meaningful improvement in their appearance.  Her goal with the PRE-ReJUVEnation Treatment is to prevent or delay the signs of aging skin in patients who are 40 years of age or younger by combining the benefits of skin tightening and facial resurfacing. With early prevention, patients can eliminate the need for aggressive surgical procedures in later years.


Prejuve Energy Facials are individualized and customized for each patients needs. The most popular Prejuve treatments is the combination of Exilis Elite’s skin tightening and Laser Genesis’ facial resurfacing for overall anti-aging and enhancement of the skin.

The Exilis Elite technology is a monopolar radiofrequency device that causes both shrinking of loose tissue immediately, as well as long term collagen production that lifts and tightens loose skin over time. It is beneficial on areas such as the jowls, neck and eyebrows.

Laser Genesis is a multi-purpose solution for skin health and appearance. The facial resurfacing treatment protects the epidermis, while stimulating collagen production in the dermis to improve pores and texture. It is also shown to fade red and brown spots. It is beneficial for acne and mild acne scars and discolorations.

Prejuve Energy Facials can treat any skin type and require no downtime. Dr. Lupo individualizes each treatment so patients achieve optimal results.

For more information, please contact our office to schedule a consultation, call 504-288-2381.


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