Skin Protection During The Winter Months


While we may be six months away from summer, now isn’t the time to shy away from sunscreen.  Daily sunscreen use is a must year round, and extra protection is needed for those hitting the slopes this winter.  “It is essential to use sun protection during the winter months because harmful UVA rays are still present even in cold weather,” says Dr. Lupo. “Full-spectrum sun protection, at least SPF 30, should be applied daily, and it is also important to maintain your anti-aging regimen with retinoids and antioxidants or growth factors.”  See below for sunscreen specials!

While we don’t necessarily have Winter Wonderland weather here in South Louisiana, the seasonal change can still take a toll on our skin.  To combat the cooler temperatures and decreased humidity, exfoliation and extra moisturizing will help eliminate dull skin.  Avoid hot baths that can strip essential oils from the skin and always moisturize immediately after a shower.  A change in diet may also be beneficial to your skin: fish high in omega oils will help hydrate the skin from the inside, and herbal teas, such as green tea, contain antioxidants that help fight off skin-damaging free radicals.

If a good at-home skin regimen doesn’t help to eliminate dry, itchy skin caused by wintry weather, a low-level non-ablative resurfacing treatment such as a SilkPeel, light chemical peels or facials may help to brighten the skin. Pigmentation and redness, which often contributes to the appearance of dull skin, can be treated with FraxelClear+Brilliant, IPL and Laser Genesis.  To keep your skin glowing all year long, contact our office to discuss a skin care routine that is right for you!


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