Skin Care Product of the Month – 20% OFF!

Renewnt for Strength


The Renewnt brand is a skin care technology that provides a new way to reduce the visible signs and effects of aging with Asymmtate™. This special ingredient helps stimulate skin stem cells to replenish themselves and produce collagen for healthier, rejuvenated appearing skin.

Renewnt for Strength is a cream specially formulated for dry, thinning skin of the hands and forearms. Using the proprietary ingredient Asymmtate to activate a key cellular pathway, it soothes and seals in moisture to help repair the signs of aging and restore the essential skin barrier.

This strengthening cream should be applied liberally twice daily to the hands and forearms, massaging well into the skin until absorbed, or as directed by our doctors.

When you purchase Renewnt for Strength in our office, you will receive 20% off this product through December 31, 2013. Don’t forget to mention that you saw this promotion in our newsletter!


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