Get Picture-Perfect Skin for Your Wedding

Get Picture-Perfect Skin for Your Wedding - Dr Lupo

With so many details to worry about prior to the wedding, looking your best doesn’t have to add to your list. A pre-wedding visit to the dermatologist can correct problems and make your wedding more stress-free. Prescription products and skin care programs can correct acne and blotchy skin so you can look radiant.   “New procedures like Clear + Brilliant, microdermabrasion and lunch time peels can make your skin glow, while reducing pore size and skin discoloration with no down time,” says Dr. Lupo.

Injectables such as Botox and fillers can safely improve your appearance in a very short time without any time off from your hectic schedule. Botox can reduce expression and frown lines while fillers can plump fine line, wrinkles and lips.

There are also lasers that can safely and permanently remove unwanted facial or bikini line hair and other lasers that can zap away broken capillaries and dark sun spots. Sclerotherapy is still the best option for unsightly leg vein removal and improvement is usually seen in just one month.

So with just a little planning and help, you can look your best for your wedding day and honeymoon. And when you look your best, everything just seems to go smoother.


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