Laser Hair Removal Treatments

laser hair-1

While most of us are still feasting on holiday leftovers, the last thing on our mind is shorts, tank tops or swimsuits! Even though the warmer months are quite a ways away, now is the time to start planning ahead! Since the (relatively) cooler, less sunny months are here, Dr. Lupo says this is the perfect time to receive laser hair removal treatments. The procedure has a higher success rate when the treated area is un-tanned. The lighter the skin, the greater the energy level that can be used, and the fewer treatments are needed. More energy can get down to the follicle to destroy it when the skin is lighter.


Used on the face, underarms, bikini, legs, arms, back, buttocks, abdomen and breasts, laser hair removal is the most popular laser treatment in the United States. Multiple sessions are necessary to eliminate all of the hair as it cycle through the individual growth stages. Since light hair has no pigment to absorb the light energy from the laser, laser hair removal won’t eliminate white or blonde hair.

While laser hair removal is mostly done to stop hair growth, many women and men find it helpful to eliminate painful, unattractive ingrown hair. Also, since the follicle is destroyed during the procedure, patients do not have to worry about stubble or dark spots at the follicle.

Since laser hair removal is very popular these days, the procedure is usually available at med spas or large laser operation centers. Dr. Lupo warns patients that these places have no physician supervision and are no place to get a medical laser procedure. At times, medical causes of excessive facial hair are being overlooked. It is better to get a consult by a qualified board certified dermatologist who will look at you as a patient first and ask the questions that will alert for possible hormonal problems.

Any patient who receives a laser hair removal treatment by January 31, 2013 will receive 10% off of the first treatment for one area.

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