Botox Contest Announcement

Over the past few months, we asked you to nominate a friend who has recently gone through some sort of personal trauma (death of a loved one, divorce, caretaker for an ill relative, cancer survivor, etc.).  We know that when someone has gone through a terrible time they tend to age quicker or look extra tired.  Dr. Lupo and Dr. Holcomb are happy to help two ladies on their road to recovery.

lupo-wrinklesThree years ago, Cherie lost her husband to Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  They were high school sweethearts and had two beautiful boys together.  During her husband’s treatment, Cherie stepped up to the plate and took charge as the caregiver to her husband, while she continued as a full-time pharmacist and became the sole active parent to their children.  After about two years of treatment, the doctors believed her husband was going into remission, so the family decided to take a trip to Disney World to celebrate his health and Cherie and their eldest son’s birthday.  Although the family was having an amazing time together, it was a few days into the trip when her husband started feeling very bad.  Sadly, he passed away at the young age of 36; the same day as Cherie’s birthday.  Nikki said to us in her nomination letter, “I know that winning free Botox doesn’t change anything that has happened to her, nor will it bring back her husband and her kid’s dad.  But I do feel that this would be a great way to force her to focus on herself for a change.” Nikki, we couldn’t agree more!

Both Cherie and her friend Nikki will receive free Botox for a year.  In addition, Cherie will receive a basket of Neocutis products provided by the local Neocutis representative.  We will also provide the runner-up nominee with one free treatment of Botox.

In the season of giving, we are happy to bring joy into people’s lives in the simplest way


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